Top 5 Programming Languages For 2024 Jobs

May 19, 2024 (1 day ago)
Top 5 Programming Languages For 2024 Jobs


Top 5 Programming Languages For 2024 Jobs. Which programming language should be learned first? This question is in everyone’s mind. If you want to go into the programming field and don’t know which programming language should be learned, then read this article and I will answer all your questions.

I will not answer you that it depends. Actually, I will answer you that you can choose the language of your choice. And after that, you will not regret choosing that language.


Top 5 Programming Languages For 2024 Jobs

The first language that I want to recommend to you is JavaScript JavaScript is the language of the web And today’s date JavaScript’s dominance in web development has increased a lot Why JavaScript should be your first programming language? JavaScript is used on the frontend and client-side But JavaScript is also used in the backend through Node.js You can make Goi applications with the help of ElectronJS I don’t need to tell you how much the popularity of ReactJS is increasing You can do scripting with Node.js NuxJS, VueJS, Angular, all these frameworks are based on JavaScript.

The way it has grown from 2010 to 2024, there is exponential growth of JavaScript. You must learn as your first programming language if you are learning. But here you learn JavaScript only when you want to go to web development. If you want to go to Android, then you may not like learning JavaScript.

Or if you are a beginner, In the 10th or 12th class, Go to C, C++ because it will increase your foundation. Should you have aspirations of working in web development down the road, your first programming language should be JavaScript. There will be no harm. JavaScript teaches you the concepts of programming very well.


Should Python be your first programming language? Python is a very famous programming language. It’s syntax is very easy. It’s like writing a pseudo code. You write the code to print. It’s easy to write if else. It’s not complicated. You can do web development, data science, machine learning, you can make backends, you can make frontends with Python. A lot of information is presented in one bundle.

It has one drawback it’s a little slow, but this thing won’t bother you at all. Because you are a beginner and you are learning the programming language. Python is a very good programming language for learning the concepts of programming language. So as a first language, you can learn Python. No problem.

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C and C++ Should C and C++ be your first programming language? The answer is yes if you are a beginner And if you are in 10th, 12th or even in college Then you can consider C and C++ The reason is that C and C++ explains the concept of programming very well. Additionally, learning the fundamentals makes switching to other programming languages relatively simple. Pointers, memory management, algorithmic thinking, all these can be easily understood from CC++. You may not be able to understand such good algorithms from Python as much as you can understand from CC++.

How does the computer work in memory management? This teaches you all. So to learn all these things, start about CC++ from CC++ algorithms. It teaches you how the computer works. So, start learning CC++ to learn all these things. Learn CC++ to a certain extent. After that, you may select the language of your choosing.

You may go there to create desktop apps using Kotlin, Java, Csharp, Python, or any other programming language. It’s not necessary for you to master just one programming language. There’s always the option to change domains.


PHP is a scripting language Which is integrated in HTML And it is very easy to use. With its help, you can make web development backends. And PHP is used in WordPress. WordPress powers more than 70% of websites. Even in 2024. And if you know PHP, you can debug WordPress sites. And earn good money. It has a very big community. which is why it is very popular. And many people use it, which is why it has a lot of work in the market. So, first of all, learning PHP is easy. It’s easy. And then it is also very rewarding.

Plus, a lot of work in the market. Plus, a lot of websites are powered by PHP. If you want, you can start your blog. And if you know the language that can power WordPress, You can do plugin development and many more things With the help of PHP. PHP has a framework called Laravel Which helps you to create professional websites. So PHP’s future is not over if you think so. Then it’s very wrong. PHP is still a language that you can learn in 2020.


Now if you want to go into mobile development then you can learn Java and Kotlin. There are a lot of similarities between Java and Kotlin in terms of learning. If we talk about traditional mobile development then Java was used as the main language of Android development. It was used in Google but later Google replaced it. He said that Kotlin is considered the official language of Android development. The advantage of learning Java is that you can do DSA from Java.

You can do backend development with the help of Spring Boot. You can create desktop apps. And with this a complete package is prepared by doing DSA from Java. You are skilled in building Java GUIs. You know how to do web development. You know how to build a backend. You know how to do Android development. Then entry into Kotlin becomes very easy. Enter into Kotlin because you already know Java.

Java is still a language that you can learn in 2024 and you can also learn such a first language because in it you can learn data. A lot of information is available about types, memory management, etc. If you start with Java and Android development is an area that is growing because Android development is an area that is constantly growing because Android development is not going anywhere as companies grow, as digitalization increases, New websites will come, and new Android apps will come.

Come and demand for Android developers will come If you know Java, learn first If you know Java, it’s not that you can’t learn Kotlin It will be 70-80% easier for you to learn Kotlin if you are a Java developer because You know about the Android API plus, you won’t have to worry about the fundamentals, Java developer, because you know about the Android API plus, you won’t have to worry about the fundamentals of Kotlin, because You have already learned Java.


Should kids learn coding? I see a lot of interest in coding Kids should learn coding But I want to say one thing here Do things in a limit You should not be worrying about your parents That you should get this thing or that thing No you don’t have to do this Do things in a limit. You should not be disturbing your parents by asking them to buy a laptop. No, you should not do that. If children are interested in coding like a hobby, then yes, they can do it. But do it in a limit. Keep your studies as the primary.

Whatever work you are doing, studies are the most important. You can build coding as an interest. Maybe in the future it will become your main skill. There are many creators who are teaching on YouTube. There are many good creators, you should learn from them. Knowledge is being shared, take knowledge Baba Ranchod Das had also said Knowledge is being shared everywhere From wherever you meet, you will meet.


With that said, you guys start your coding journey. Learn whatever programming language you are learning properly. Learn the basics of programming and surely after that you will excel. You don’t need to learn only one programming language. If you start with one programming language then surely you can improve in the future. So I hope this article was useful for you guys. Thank you very much for reading this article. And if you have any questions related to the article, then comment us, we will answer you soon.

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