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Name Hole.io
Publisher VOODOO
Size 174M
Version 2.12.0
MOD Info Unlocked Skins
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  • Unlocked Skins


  • Free Rewards
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Hole.io, a popular mobile game developed by Voodoo, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide with its unique gameplay and competitive edge. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this game has quickly become a favorite for casual and competitive players alike.


The core concept of Hole.io is simple yet highly engaging. Players control a black hole that moves around a city, consuming various objects to grow larger. Starting with smaller items like pedestrians and streetlights, the hole can eventually engulf entire buildings and other players’ holes, provided they are smaller. This mechanic creates a thrilling dynamic where strategic movement and timing are crucial to success.


Hole.io offers several game modes to keep players entertained. The primary mode is a free-for-all competition where players aim to become the largest hole within a time limit. Another popular mode is the battle royale, where the last hole standing wins. For those who prefer solo play, there is also a mode where players can practice and hone their skills without the pressure of competing against others.

The game also includes various skins and customization options, allowing players to personalize their holes. These can be unlocked through gameplay or in-app purchases, adding a layer of progression and incentive to keep playing.


To excel in Hole.io, players must adopt effective strategies. One key tactic is to prioritize smaller objects in the early stages to grow quickly. As the hole becomes larger, it can consume bigger items, accelerating growth. Avoiding larger holes and planning routes through densely populated areas can also provide a strategic advantage.

Moreover, mastering the physics-based mechanics of the game can give players an edge. For instance, positioning the hole correctly can make objects fall into it more easily, saving time and allowing for more efficient growth.


Since its release, Hole.io has received several updates that have enhanced the gaming experience. The developers have introduced new maps, skins, and gameplay features to keep the content fresh and exciting. Recent updates have focused on improving performance, reducing bugs, and adding more competitive elements, such as leaderboards and achievements.

These updates ensure that both new and returning players have a continuously engaging experience, with new challenges and rewards to strive for.


The Hole.io community is active and vibrant, with players sharing tips, tricks, and high scores on various forums and social media platforms. Reviews of the game are generally positive, highlighting its addictive nature and the satisfaction of consuming everything in sight. Some players have expressed a desire for more varied maps and longer game modes, which the developers have been addressing through ongoing updates.

On platforms like Google Play and the App Store, Hole.io maintains a strong rating, reflecting its popularity and the quality of its gameplay. The game’s simplicity combined with its competitive elements makes it appealing to a wide audience.


Hole.io is free to download and play, with monetization primarily through in-app purchases and ads. Players can opt to remove ads by making a purchase, enhancing the gameplay experience. The game also offers various in-app purchases, such as skins and other cosmetic items, which do not affect gameplay but allow for personalization.

Regarding privacy, Voodoo, the developer, adheres to standard practices, collecting data such as location and usage to improve the game and provide targeted ads. Players concerned about privacy can review the detailed privacy policy available through the game’s settings.


Looking ahead, Hole.io is poised to continue its success with regular updates and community engagement. The developers are committed to enhancing the game based on player feedback, ensuring it remains fun and challenging. Upcoming features are expected to include new maps, modes, and possibly even collaborative events that bring the community together in new ways.

For anyone looking for a casual yet competitive game, Hole.io offers a unique and addictive experience that is well worth exploring. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy in the world of Hole.io.

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Download (174M)

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